1. Signup
  2. Login with the password you receive in your confirmation email
  3. Click “Artists” in left hand menu and then “Add New”
  4. Set title to the artist’s name
  5. Add artist bio text to main text area (create links by highlight text and clicking the link (chain) button)
  6. Click Set Picture of Artist, upload image and fill out details, click Set Featured Image (sets the photo of artist that appears next to the artist bio)
  7. Add images to Slides* (you can upload them or use already uploaded images)
  8. For each slide, fill out the Title and as many of the additional attributes (Dimensions, Dimensions, Price, Status, Contact) as are applicable and click Add File
  9. For each slide, click “Post Thumbnail Editor”, then check “artist_slide”, crop as desired and save

*The first slide in the slideshow will be the thumb for the artist on the home page